Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Our garage was needing some organization. Reed gets off work at 10 on Fridays so we decided to tackle it this weekend.
We were building some shelves in a little room in our garage. I'm so disappointed I didn't get some before pictures of the old, gross, falling apart shelves in this room. We were just too anxious to do some demolition. Reed even touched up the paint in this room since the shelves kind of ripped up the walls.
 First thing first we made some hangers for our bikes.
Then started on our shelves. Reed built these before in our last apartment and at his mom's house so he is a pro by now.
 Almost done.
Saturday we organized the garage and put everything in its place. Makes us realize how much junk we have when its all organized like this. We got rid of stuff we don't need or use but we still have a lot left. It doesn't help when we have a bunch of stuff for our corn roasting and equipment for almost every sport outdoors.

 Our next project will to add some good shelves in this room for some food storage and other items.
 It feels good to be organized.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pallet Wall/ Office

Last weekend I was looking at pinterest as Reed and I were sitting on the couch. Reed looks over on my iPad and sees a pallet wall. He looks at me and says "lets do this". I said "okay!" Then we literally got up and started hunting for some pallets. This is the tutorial we followed. http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/2010/02/nursery-news-accent-wall/

We decided to do it in the bedroom that we are making the office. This is what it looked like last weekend. 
We found some pallets and got to work.
We took the boards off the frame and this definitely took the longest. The more we took off the faster we figured out how to do it. We realized we were doing it the hardest possible way and figured out easier ways to do it.
 My job was to sand them all down and organize them into piles of similar widths.
 Reed screwed plywood into the studs of the wall.  Then it was super easy to use his nailer to nail the boards into the plywood.
The more we put up the more excited we got.
 Reed made me this shelf out of pallets to hang my bag and whatever else I need for school.
 Then he put together some shelves to put my books on.
 Reed's mom gave us these boxes she had from Reed's little sister's wedding reception.
 And this is how the room looks so far.
We absolutely love it! I still have some ideas of some artwork I want to make for the other walls and I have some touch up painting to do but it has been so much fun for Reed and I working on this together.
He even made me this H for our living room. We just aren't quite sure where to hang it yet but it is super cool!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Harris Home

This week is my spring break and so far I've done nothing but catch up on house work and school stuff. I'm getting a little sick of it so I'm taking a break for a little blog update to brighten my mood. After Christmas break Reed and I were re-motivated to get this house done. We started in the kitchen. It needed a little facelift but we didn't want to spend a ton of money doing it. This is what it started as.
The counter tops were ugly and had burn marks so something needed to be done about that.
We bought a rustoleum counter resurface kit. We thought it would be a piece of cake and would look super great. Well we were a little wrong. It was more complicated than we thought, was super messy and made us super frustrated but it ended up okay in the end. Not sure if we would do it again though.
I found a tutorial on pinterest to update the cabinet faces. We made a little frame for the outside and filled in the lines with wood filler.
Our Kitchen was a mess for weeks but slowly and surely everything came together.

And here is the almost finished product. I still need to paint one light fixture and touch up paint in a few areas but you get the idea. We finally got a dishwasher as you see, updated one light fixture but everything else is the same including the hardware for the cabinets. A little paint can make almost anything look better.

Then we moved onto our guest bathroom. Again we just wanted to give the bathroom a facelift. This bathroom just had too much blue for our liking. The bath tile was blue, the floor was blue, the walls were blue and the sink counter was blue. We bought a kit to paint over the tile which turned out really great, better than we thought. I painted the walls and Reed laid tile on the floor since it was just linoleum.
Here is what it looks like now. I wanted to take the shower doors off but it is tiled in the shower so it is here to stay for a while. We bought a new light fixture for this room too. I still need to hang some towel hangers, some shelves and get a new rug and a few other things but the major stuff is completed. Looks completely different but we really didn't have to do a ton.
Our next project was to do tile in the closets in our hallway. They were umm pretty gross. One closet was used for the past owners cats litter box and it just still smelled pretty bad. We ripped out the old gross cat smelling linoleum to lay some tile down.  One closet had our hot water heater and the other holds our washer and dryer.
 So our hallway was like this for a couple days and the only way to get to our bedroom is that door in the very back. We definitely got our exercise climbing over these to go back and forth.
 And we had to squeeze past this water heater every time too. 
 Reed has been getting tons of use out of his sweet tile saw he loves which makes him happy and also makes me happy since he spent so much money on it. He always tells me if your going to buy it you might as well buy the best, which I can't disagree with. Although one day I'm going to use that line on him and he isn't going to like it. ha!

 Finished progress. I still need to get some curtains to cover this closet. There was doors before but our washer and dryer is too fat for the doors to fit.
 Our most recent project involves one of our bedrooms. This room has been in shambles since we moved in. We tore out some drywall to get into the plumbing and its been this way ever since. Since we don't need this bedroom its just been sitting for a while. We decided we better get it finished.
 My handsome man patched up the wall for me so I could get to work on my spring break. I wanted to turn this room into my office. Since it was mostly painting and touch up work that is my job. Painting is unofficially, officially my job. Reed hates it and I weirdly like it. Whatever it works.
 This room was PURPLE and I'm not even exaggerating. The walls, the ceiling, the closet doors and inside the closet. I'm sure their next step was purple carpet but didn't get to it. I like purple but not like this especially the ceiling which took approximately a million coats of white to cover up and I just noticed a spot I need to go over ugh..
 And here is some progress as of today. I still need to paint the closet doors and inside the closet but that can wait for now but I have my own little study space now. I plan to put some shelves up above my desk to put some books on. Oh! Reed made me that desk by the way. He sure does love me.
He made it for me a couple weeks ago when I was judging a science fair for school.
Reed also got me these last month. Every woman needs her own set of power tools. They are smaller and just my size for getting stuff done. I told him he can't use them but he doesn't listen very well.
Every woman needs one of these too. You know why...